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Personal Health Trainer To Help You Overcome Chronic Health Problems
Bio-Resonance Scanning & Therapy
Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer

Painless, Simple and Enjoyable

Cutting Edge Technology

Comprehensive Analysis
PEMF slide

Technology developed by NASA

Promotes energy restoration
Natural pain relief in 8 minutes
Offsets negative effects of EMFs
Designed and built in Switzerland
Health Canada Certified

PEMF Life Matt Therapy


Ionic Detox Therapy

Body Detox…while you relax

Digital ionic technology

Watch toxins leave your body

No Dieting, Sweating or Exercising!

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T-Zone Vibration Technology

Technology Developed by NASA

Prevent / Reverse Osteoporosis and Arthritis

Improve Circulation, Flexibility, Balance

Tone and tighten muscles, weight reduction

Mary uses hers everyday!

Qualified Analysis

You’re in good hands with Mary

· Chartered Herbalist

· Certified Reflexologist

· Certified Iridologist

· Certified Natural Health Fundamentals

· Nutritional Counseling (included in each course)


High Tech Equipment

Top of the line, highly technological equipment with proven results is the only kind Mary trusts for her clients.

She uses all of her knowledge from all of her experience to get to the bottom of your issue.


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Expert Articles

Interested in facts and want to delve in yourself? Great! Mary’s loves to share her experience of over 20 years to increase the health quotient for knowledge thirsty individuals, to put you in the drivers seat for your health.


Natural Health Analysis & Therapies

Ionics Detox

Ionics Detox

Painless detox, no dieting, no sweating, no exercisingLearn More


Gentle vibration for happy lymph and cellsLearn More
PEMF Life Matt

PEMF Life Matt

Recharge your body, just relax, the Matt does it for you!Learn More


Bio Resonance

Bio Resonance

Find out what your brain reveals about stress points in your bodyLearn More

“My doctor is not helping me.” “I am sick and tired of taking drugs.”

“I wish I could know what is causing my health problems”

“Are there natural alternatives that can help me?”

Mary Brickell is a person whom many have turned to for help with their health concerns over the past twenty years. She has helped hundreds of people, find answers and health restoration. Mary is not a doctor or a pharmacist. She believes that your body is capable of healing it’s self… if you give it what it needs. The problem is we live in a non-health-friendly world that works against us. Our food is over processed and nutrition-deficient. We are exposed to toxic chemicals in our homes and environment. Add to that high stress, emf smog, lack of exercise and sleep. Is it any wonder the medical industry is busy just trying to manage the symptoms?

Mary’s concern is the underlying disease or ailment that is causing the symptoms. Having recently retired from her award winning health food store; Healthy By Choice Ltd., she has established a clinic in a tranquil country setting. She has assembled some leading edge scanning and treatment technology to help identify your underlying health problems.

As a Personal Health Trainer, she can help you learn what needs to change. She will setup a plan and hold you accountable to follow through. Yes this is probably different than anything you have tried before, but for about the cost of a dental checkup, is your health and happiness worth it?


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Chartered Herbalist, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Iridologist, Certified Natural Health Fundamentals, Nutritional Counseling (included in each course)

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