Hi, I’m Mary Brickell, and I would like to be your Personal Health Trainer.

I c Mary Brickell Healthy By Choiceall my practice Healthy by Choice, because good health is the sum total of choices you make daily. If you are not getting satisfaction from your health care providers, I can probably help you.

For over 20 years I’ve been involved with health and wellness. My own health concern with no answers from my doctors prompted me to seek out alternate natural health approaches.

This is what started me on my journey to seek training into Natural Health Therapies. People have sought my assistance with their various health problems since opening a practice in 1995. Then from 2007 to 2015 I owned and managed an award winning health food store called Healthy By Choice Ltd. in Bradford ON.

I am passionate about assisting people with their health challenges, for which they have been unable to find health solutions. Since retiring from my health food store, my desire continues to be to help people with their health challenges. So this has led me to research and acquire the best Magnetic Resonance Imaging technology available to scan and provide healing therapy to the body.

From my country home based clinic I offer a number of healing modalities including; Ionic Detox, Bio-Resonance scanning, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency therapy, T-Zone whole body vibration and Herbal Supplements counseling.  So my practice has expanded to include a wide range of treatment methods.

Marys Country Clinic
Marys Country Clinic

If you come for a Health Checkup you will receive a comprehensive written and illustrated Personal Health Report, that can serve as the basis of understanding of what needs to change.

Mary in Her Garden
Mary in Her Garden

As a personal Health Trainer I can help you with the discipline you need to get healthier. You will get my personal attention to not only identify your body’s weak points but I will be here to train you, to regain optimum health.

I am Not a Medical Doctor or Pharmacist.


Nutritional Counseling
Certified Reflexologist
Certified Iridologist
Certified Natural Health Fundamentals
Chartered Herbalist
Medicinal use of Essential Oils
Trained in Bio-Resonance and PEMF therapy
Instructor / Practitioner with T-Zone WBV and Ionic Detox therapy



  • Bio resonance Analysis
  • PEMF Matt
  • Ionic Detox
  • T-Zone

See Services page for full details of services and product lines


Mary with Husband of 40 years and grandchildren
Mary with Husband of 40 years and grandchildren