Bio-Resonance Scan


BIO-RESONANCE SCAN We offer a Health Check-up and Report. The Bio-Resonance first one to two-hour appointment involves doing a Scan of the brain and central nervous system, that provides a comprehensive illustrated report on the energy level (health state) of every major body organ. It reveals areas of weakness and strength. The process is safe […]

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Two Of Our Most Favorite Things


                        COFFEE & CHOCOLATE  What are the side effects and benefits of coffee? It is important to recognize that caffeine is an addictive substance. You need to ask yourself, can you go with out coffee and not experience withdrawal symptoms? The least healthy and most […]

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Lyme Disease Awareness

Ticks on finger

There seems to be more cases of Lyme Disease you hear about all the time. It is quite misunderstood and not known how to deal with it in Western Medicine. I was bit by a tick 6 years ago and supplemented it naturally with no severe reactions from the bite. Now in my practice with the […]

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green smoothies

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN JUICING AND SMOOTHIES There is a machine that extracts the juice when you do Juicing.  What happens is the water and most of the nutrients from the produce are left behind in the pulp. When blending there is no leftover pulp. Blenders pulverize the whole produce to make a Smoothie. When you Juice […]

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The Facts About Suncreens


 Which Sunscreen  Is The Healthiest Choice? We are told you have to use sunscreen or we will get cancer. We want to look at the truth of this;  are there any effects from using sunscreen, best choice for sunscreen, is  sunscreen enough, and the benefits of the sun. Sunscreens use one or more chemicals including  Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, Octisalate, Octocrylene, Homosalate […]

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ALLERGIES Disease in Disguise

USA, New York, New York City, Manhattan, Central Park, Close up of woman sneezing

THE MULTIPLE SYMPTOM SYNDROME We have been conditioned to think of allergy in a limited capacity such as runny nose, sinus problems, skin rashes, asthma and hay fever. However allergy is much more insidious and extensive. It can also take the form of arthritis, gall bladder disease, intractable headache, Crohn’s disease, depression, psychotic behavior, and […]

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Myths About Osteoporosis


Myth 1:  Osteoporosis is Calcium Deficiency Disease Many nutrients are necessary to prevent bones from losing minerals and to strengthen the bones. Of course, bones require calcium but your body cannot absorb calcium if it doesn’t have adequate supplies of other vitamins and minerals. Myth 2:  Osteoporosis Can Be Helped or Prevented by Consuming More Dairy […]

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Surprising Results…Vegetarian Protein Verses Meat

Sliced blade steak on cognac/worcestershire reduction, steamed broccoli with parsley beurre blanc

It is a common myth that dietary protein is only obtained through animal sources like chicken, beef, salmon and cheese. Surprisingly, to most Canadians, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and grains are considerable sources of dietary protein, especially dark green leafy vegetables.  Protein plays an important role in numerous functions in the body and is an […]

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The Truth About Cholesterol


Most of us are led to believe that we need to watch our cholesterol in order to prevent a heart attack or stroke. Yet numerous studies  have shown that 75% of all heart attack patients cholesterol levels were actually normal,as stated in the American Heart Journal (Jan. 2009). Purpose of Cholesterol Most the cholesterol circulating in the […]

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Why are so many people gluten intolerant?

DB616 Bakery

Gluten is a protein in wheat and certain other grains. A gluten allergy is the body’s inability to digest or break down this protein. Unfortunately when you check labels wheat seems to be added to a lot of packaged products.  So it would seem this excessive use of wheat has caused inflammation in our digestive tracts […]

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