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Almost every ailment, disease and medical challenge can benefit considerably from the PEMF Life matt. It is a very relaxing form of treatment where you lay on the matt on a massage table. You are set up on a frequency setting according to your health condition, for 8 minutes. If you have a certain area of pain or concern you can be set up for another 8 minutes with the pillow or probe on that area.

Normally the earth emits a low pulsating frequency which is balancing and healing to our bodies. The problem is that our bodies are being bombarded these days by high frequency electromagnetic frequencies. EMF smog is dangerous to your health.

Look around your home and office at the increasing number of “wireless devices” then scan the horizon and count the number of micro-wave / cell towers.

PEMF Life Matt in UseThe PEMF system selected for the Life Matt uses a low pulsating frequency in the1-40 Hz range found in the human brain waves and also in the earth’s ionosphere. Our iMRS 2000 system is designed and built in Switzerland.

Clients are eligible to receive one Free Introductory treatment. You can then purchase 5 sessions for $85. After your sessions if you decide to purchase a PEMF Life Matt we will credit the full $85. towards the purchase of your own Life Matt.


PEMF how it worksClinical research into Pulsed Magnetic Fields began in the 1950’s and soon emerged as one of the best means of repairing bone fractures. By the 1960’s it became a scientific priority to help astronauts when returning from space with fatigue, depression, bone loss, and other symptoms. Scientist soon realized that the cause was traveling outside of earth’s magnetic field.

Cell TowerWe now live in a smog of different signal frequencies and intensities. Inside our homes we have cell phones, cordless phones, microwaves, wireless broadband, game controllers, computers, television, and household appliances. From outside our homes there are neighbourhood wifi, cordless phones, power lines, cell phone towers, microwave towers, and a myriad of satellite transmissions. This effects all of us but especially those living in close proximity to neighbours. This will be most intense in cities and especially apartment buildings with a cluster of meters and now cell phone antennas on the top of the buildings.

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Caution – People not eligible for this therapy:

This treatment is not suitable for individuals with heart disease, pace-makers or other electronic device implants, epilepsy, or who are organ transplant recipients. This treatment is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women. This treatment is not suitable for children under 10 years of age. Consult your physician before you begin receiving treatment.

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